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Katy Perry shoot in Dublin for MTV

30 March, 2011

Katy Perry played The O2 in Dublin on Monday March 28th 2011. Earlier that day, Areaman Productions worked with MTV on a 3 camera interview shoot in Dublin's exclusive Number 10 venue.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's 'E.T.' Video featuring Kanye West will Premiere Thursday On MTV. On-air debut at 7:53 p.m. The video will be followed by the 'MTV First' interview on! We will post a link to the video once it has aired. Until then, all we can say is that Katy was very good at being Katy. We think the results will look very premium.

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'The Liberties' documentary - on Google Maps

09 March, 2011

This is something we had planned to do for quite some time. Finally, Nicola in our office found the time to pull it together. 'The Liberties' is a documentary project we made about the historic area of Dublin of that name. We like maps and think that this is a very nice way to navigate the streets and stories of 'The Liberties'.

View The Liberties in a larger map

We love Libraries! Library Ireland Week 2011

02 March, 2011

Smart People use Smart Libraries. This is a video we made to promote Library Ireland Week 7 -13 March, 2011. Library websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, free internet access, online and open source materials, ebooks, audiobooks, music, films, the list is endless! Be Smart - Visit your local Library.

Before you ask, yes we actually laid out all those books. In a world of digital, sometimes it is nice to actually do the thing in camera. We are still tired after this one, so maybe hold off on hiring us for a few weeks.

Trinity College Dublin Videos

01 March, 2011

Areaman Productions recently completed production of two promotional videos for Trinity College Dublin. It was a joy to spend time filming amongst some of the most impressive Georgian architecture in Dublin. There is no other college campus in the world that is as open to the public as Trinity. This fact is reflected in the theme of the first video, 'Trinity is Open': The second video in the series highlights Trinity's commitment to excellence in Research & Innovation:

Music by Gerry Horan at Contact Studio. Graphics by New Graphic.