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Water Drop Video

27 June, 2011

South Dublin County Council have an ongoing need to reduce water consumption by 10% & continually urge people to use water sparingly. As part of this publicity campaign, Areaman Productions created this short video message. If customers were able to reduce their water consumption by 10%, it would alleviate the necessity for restrictions. Every householder is encouraged to be conscious of their water usage and conserve water as best as possible. Otherwise, we could all run into trouble.

The Water Drop costume was skilfully created, in Dublin, by Renate Henschke:

Water Drop on the loose!

15 June, 2011

Our shoot tomorrow will involve this guy getting into all sorts of bumps and scrapes - we look forward to filling you in on how it goes. In the meantime - use 10% less water or we could all end up running into trouble!

Water Drop Costume

Creative Arts, Technologies and Culture

13 June, 2011

Areaman Productions have just completed a series of videos on the Creative Arts, Technologies and Culture Initiative at Trinity College Dublin. This initiative is a long term strategy for developing a Creative Arts, Technologies and Culture Network at the heart of Dublin city, catalysed by Trinity College.

Prof Donnacha Dennehy, Music Composition on the Creative Arts, Technologies and Culture Initiative:

CATC is building upon the strengths of the university’s core disciplines in the Arts and Sciences, the unique cluster of cultural and performing arts institutions concentrated nearby, and the range of existing and emerging creative industries. We sat down with the leader under each of the flagship programmes of the initiative as they described the process so far in each of their respective areas; Creative Writing, Dramatic Arts, Music Composition, Creative Technologies & Visual Arts Cultural Heritage.

We also spoke to the Provost of Trinity College, Dr. John Hegarty, who initiated the project and gave us an overview of CATC. For further information please visit: or view all videos in the series on the official Trinity College Dublin YouTube channel: