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‘Examining Paths’ for ID2015

03 December, 2015

Examining Paths


Areaman recently collaborated with photographer Matthew Thompson and ID 2015 on the film installation 'Examining Paths' which premiered on December 4th at the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.  

Shooting took place in Shannon, Co. Clare, and Shenzhen, China during November 2015. The project consists of two parallel films shown simultaneously on screens facing each other. One screen represents the town of Shannon, the other the city of Shenzen. Visitors to the exhibit stand in the space between as the two communities observe each others daily paths around the urban spaces they live and work in.

The film was commissioned by Nathalie Weadick at ID 2015 with the participation of Laurence Lord from AP+E along with Andrew Griffin and Maxime Laroussi from Urban Agency.