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Introducing TDS Visitor

30 April, 2015

TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd are leading specialists in the areas of integrated Security Systems and Smart Card deployments. TDS provides its customers with a complete solution from system design to tailored software and technology deployment, to specialist consultancy services covering bothimplementation and after sales service. Areaman teamed up with regular collaborators Emberlight to create this promotional video for their TDS Visitor product, which they had begun rolling out in Google offices worldwide.

The rollout of Google's new visitor management system; TDS Visitor continues at a successful pace with units running live across 81 cities and 39 countries including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Dublin, Shanghai, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Seoul. The completed rollout of the TDS Visitor solution will see installations taking place at 277 Google and You Tube locations across 125 cities in 52 countries. To date, over 2 million Google visitors have checked into the TDS Visitor management system. Once all visitor kiosks have been rolled out there will be approximately 6000 Google visitors checking in 24 hours a day, across the globe.

TDS Visitor site by the talented team at Richards Dee