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‘Jobot’s Access All Areas’ interactive game

20 January, 2010

Kavaleer Productions in association with Areaman Productions, recently completed work on an interactive game for South Dublin County Council. The game called 'Jobot's Access All Areas', communicates an awareness of the importance of accessibility of buildings, for people with disabilities. The game was designed, storyboarded and developed by Kavaleer Productions, in response to a brief by South Dublin County Council and Areaman Productions.

In 2009, Areaman Productions produced a series of video access guides which outlined recent improvements in the accessibility of public buildings and services across South Dublin County. With the launch of 'Jobot's Access All Areas', Areaman Productions and Kavaleer Productions have helped South Dublin County Council demonstrate their continuing commitment to improving access and service provision to disabled people in South Dublin County. Kavaleer Productions developed the game concept to include a robot character called ‘Jobot’ to help make the game more informative and accessible for all users. ‘Jobot’ is a boxy maintenance robot who has been hired to do some repair work on a Heritage House in South Dublin. As he’s on wheels and is the width of a wheelchair, he’s finding it hard to get into the building to do his work. Players are asked to make accessibility improvements to the Heritage House that make the exterior and interior more accessible to everyone.

Jobot’s Access All areas’ will be available to enjoy soon from South Dublin County Council’s Disability Access Service website: