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Rough Magic

A selection of plays from Rough Magic including:  

The timeless story of Phaedra's dark obsession with her stepson is placed in a contemporary Ireland that has become a fertile playing field for the capricious gods. The production represented a dynamic collaboration between writer Hilary Fannin and composer/musician Ellen Cranitch. Through Fannin’s scathing humour, Rough Magic’s powerful production explores the extremities of passion, and the psychology of a doomed family in its attempts to outwit fate. The music is performed live by an ensemble of Ireland’s leading musicians, under the inspired direction of Ellen Cranitch.

Peer Gynt
A new production of Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen in a new version by Arthur Riordan with live music by Tarab as part of the 2011 Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival. Areaman Productions captured the magnificent action.

Sodome, my love
Rough Magic, in association with TheEmergencyRoom, produced the World Premiere of ‘Sodome, my love’ by Laurent Gaudé. This beautifully staged production was directed by Lynne Parker and was the first time that Gaudé’s work was presented in Ireland. The production also saw Olwen Fouéré play her most striking role to date.